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Newsletter 1/2010
Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 W1 is coming...
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Solution for publishers and editors. Did you know that you can use laser terminals while you work?
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Automotive Business Solutions
The conception is called Automotive Business Solutions (ABS)and it is based on the newest version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV and more than 10 years of experiences of AXIOM PROVIS Int., s.r.o. in car industry. You will receive more information about the ABS conception o on web-pages www.absbox.cz. Other information on the telephone number 577 113 112.
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Operation production control
Operation production control

What is special about the system for operative planning and management of production


The AHP Leitstand completes your ERP-System to the operation range of production control. Present ERP-Systems allow a sequence planning for each resource and offer partially optimization methods.

But only by using the AHP Leitstand it is possible to plan in detail to improve the results of the plan. Production processes get more flexible, faster and efficient.

The results:

  • obvious improved adherence to schedules
  • contraction of lead times
  • stock reduction
  • reliable delivery dates
  • high transparency
  • AHP Leitstand description

AHP Leitstand description

The AHP Leitstand handles resources and their allocation for production. The detailed representation of the cost locations in terms of constructions, machines and workstations shows the structure of the production. As special resources employee or tools could be included in the planning. The resources will be administrated and monitored at the AHP Leitstand. This capacity offer is opposed to capacity demand.

Optimal sequences, maximum usage rate and the compliance to the delivery dates could be planned and tracked on the time axis. A reaction to short term changes of the capacity or order reality could be done very fast and practically by a mouse-click. The actual planning and their progress will be visible every time even over system limits.

The planning is understandable every time. The AHP Leitstand is the perfect add-on to every ERP-System.

The skill of detail from the ERP will be increased exactly in the areas where the increase of economic advance seems useful.

AXIOM PROVIS Int. company implemented the AHP Leitstand in 14 companies in the Czech Republic and abroad. Here are some examples:

PILANA TOOLS Wood Saws spol. s r.o.

The Director of company PILANA TOOLS WOOD SAWS s.r.o., Ing. Tobola, evaluates the results of the shop floor planning system project as expressed below:

Our scope was to achieve a methodical planning of shop floor work and to be able to react quickly to the changes brought up by life. That has been achieved. And additionally, while implementing the shop floor planning system, we worked out number of organizational arrangements, such as changes of a production batch quantity, change of process of shop floor reports and other. As result the project brought along 17% reduction of number of orders realized with delay. Beside that our company´s performance has increased by 8% while the number of overtime hours has decreased by 20% and the unproductive time of manufacturing workers has shortened.

“Microsoft Dynamics NAV provides us to plan the production, with AHP Leitstand we are controlling it.”

Logit s.r.o.

Logit company is a part of Italian holding RADICI GROUP. It runs since 1999 and its business consists of modification of carpet yarn. It is heat treated and dispatched to customer in sequence – to Europe, Asia etc.

Management of Logit Company was searching for the right tool to support the production planning and management. After all it was decided to use AHP Leitstand. The decision was influenced by the ability of PROVIS to extend the standard planning algorithms with highly specific requirements of Logit Company.

Thanks to proactive approach of Logit and AXIOM PROVIS Int. employees the project was finished within the planned term with the assigned budget. The final project evaluation said that the project fulfilled expectations of both Company management and its Italian owners.

WAY Industry a.s.

WAY Industry Company is a well-known producer of Locust loaders, demining system Božena and air tractor Talet. This Company uses MAX system for business process management. AHP Leitstand was acquired to provide production management in shop floor, to accelerate decision making process from the perspective of what is to be produced, where and when, and to increase the capacities efficiency or to make an effort only in planned operations.

If you want to receive more information about above Operation production control, contact us on the phone numbers +420 577 113 111, +420 577 113 112 or by email to our address obchod(at)axiomprovis.cz. We will answer all your questions.

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